Clients who face complex financial challenges need a team of advisors as no one person can be an expert in all financial matters.

When choosing to entrust the financial well-being of your family, your business, and your future to an advisory firm, it’s wise to consider how that firm works as a team – can deliver more than others – and looks ahead to the impact on generations to come. At Fidelis Capital, we work with a limited number of clients to ensure that we provide only the highest level of service and personal attention. Each of our team members knows each of our clients well. We are proud to stand apart because of the character of our team members and the characteristics of the client experience we create.


Few advisors bring the breadth of resources Fidelis does in surrounding clients with a team of specialists, including:

  • 4 advisors with the Chartered Financial Analyst designation
  • 2 advisors who are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS®
  • 2 advisors with the Certified Private Wealth Advisor® designation
  • 1 advisor who is a Certified Investment Management Analyst®


We believe only a team of specialists can help ultra-high net worth clients and institutional organizations achieve the best outcomes. At Fidelis Capital, we have all the necessary resources for our select list of clients, which means the clients know the experts and the experts understand the clients.

Dedicated Focus

Proactively identifying areas of opportunity or threats requires a discipline that is rare in the advisory business. Our goal is to use our 400+ years of collective, real-life experience to avoid surprises. When we identify a challenge, or a client faces a problem, we bring that experience together, including our stable, committed team of founding owners, who use their experience and contacts to find and execute the needed solutions.


Beyond our duty to serve our clients’ best interests ahead of our own, fiduciary means we are free to use every financial, investment, legal, and accounting institution in the world to bring the best solutions to bear at the most efficient price.

Value-Added Service

We provide the level of care and type of capabilities needed to manage all of our clients’ financial affairs as if we were the family office they might have built themselves. Likewise, we are capable of providing existing family offices with the services designed to complement them. By doing this, we give our clients the one thing that money can’t buy – time! 

Ultimately, by handling all of your complex financial affairs, what we’re accomplishing is giving you back time to enjoy what is most important in your life.

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