The Fidelis Capital team members have worked at some of the largest private banks and investment firms in the world.

We have seen firsthand what these companies do well – and where they fail their clients. We have had the privilege of advising some of the most successful and complex families and organizations and have spent our entire careers doing so.

In building Fidelis Capital, our goal has been to bring the promise of a true private banking experience back to these clients who so deserve the best. That requires top professionals, operating as an integrated team, surrounding each client with the expertise they need and coordinating with critical outside advisors in order to manage the complexity of their current wealth as well as the financial sustainability of future generations.

Our advisors average more than 22 years of managing relationships with their clients, which not only speaks to their experience, but to their dedication and commitment.

We wake up each day thinking about how to solve problems for our clients, and we work as a team to deliver those solutions.

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