Institutional and
Non-Profit Investors

Fidelis is designed to take an institution and surround it with the experts

needed to handle all their financial matters in order to give back what they cannot buy – time. Some of the services and solutions that Fidelis provides to clients include:

Investment Management

For Institutional and Non-Profit Investors, the investment mandate can vary from very broad to quite narrow in order to complement other investments.

We are prepared to execute wherever our role falls on that spectrum. We feel it is important to understand the larger picture to be most effective, so our philosophy on investment management is an important consideration.

Our approach to investing is guided by a disciplined process and a philosophy informed by over 200 years of experience. We believe that the only investment results that matter are the ones that are after fees, taxes, or other expenses; therefore, we work to reduce those elements by (1) managing some client assets in-house, thereby avoiding third party manager fees, (2) being attentive to tax reduction strategies, and (3) focusing on lower cost solutions. For most of our clients, risk is as important as return, so we spend even more time seeking out ways to lower a client’s risk exposure through negative correlated assets, asset allocation and option strategies.

Three key differences in how we manage money are:

  • 1We manage most of our large cap and fixed income portions of a client’s portfolio in-house. We buy research from top providers that specialize in investment research and quantitative analysis. For example, we have hired Empirical Research Partners, LLC, a boutique firm serving clients worldwide including many of the world’s largest institutions.
  • 2We can incorporate asset classes that many others don’t have the resources to tackle. Examples include energy, timber, real estate, private and/or distressed credit and private equity. We have also hired Fiducient Advisors, a boutique investment research firm, to provide insight into the managers and alternatives in this space.
  • 3Any successful investment plan must complement your overall plan. This sets the required return and risk parameters that drive proper investing. Our commitment to understanding your plan and incorporating it throughout our portfolio design process allows for this. The integration of planning into our investment decisions provides seamless coordination between your goals and the critical role their investments play to achieve them.

Specialty Asset Management

Natural resource assets, such as oil, gas, water, timber, and including farm and ranchland, can often be a core part of any quality asset portfolio.

These real assets tend to be an inflationary hedge and can provide significant income and capital appreciation for those that hold them as part of a disciplined investment plan. To effectively protect these assets for future generations, you need experienced advisors with in-depth knowledge. Fidelis advisors partner with industry experts to handle the unique challenges associated with both the day-to-day management as well as long-term strategies for maximizing these assets’ values. We help our clients invest in and manage these assets directly, without commingling risk, inefficiency, or fee drag of packaged or securitized products offered at most other investment firms.


Fidelis can help our Institutional Foundations and Endowments...

with our in-house expertise in estate, trust, and philanthropic planning for donors looking to make lifetime gifts. Without additional fees, we can meet with donors and create giving strategies. This can be of great value to your organization and its planned giving staff.


We are committed to providing our clients with reporting that is comprehensive, convenient, and customizable. We are able to create an aggregated view of net worth, including all assets and liabilities, even those at other custodians, banks, and brokerage firms.

To the extent that these assets are priced daily, the report can reflect those updates as they refresh nightly. For other harder to price assets, we work with you to maintain and update those values as needed. This reporting is available to you through your dedicated online portal, continuously accessible via both desktop and mobile applications.

We also work with you to customize your investment reporting into a concise and easy-to-understand format so you can gain the insights you need to make better decisions. We upload these reports to your secure, cloud-based vault for continuous access. There, you can also store any other important documents, including organizational documents for any entities or trusts. This provides for easy access, retrieval, and secure sharing. Should you utilize bill pay, we can also upload all the related reporting from that service. All data and reporting stored in your vault is also cyber-protected and mobile-friendly.

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