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November 14, 2023

Bonds are Back! Introducing Our Tax-Aware Fixed Income (TAFI) Strategy

It’s the most exciting time for fixed income in many years. In fact, it’s hard to remember the last time we have seen yields this high. What are some ways we are considering to strategically invest to make the most of it?

In the latest episode of our “ConsiderIt Wealth” podcast, hear from Head of Fixed Income, Chris Gunster, as he unveils Fidelis Capital’s Tax-Aware Fixed Income (TAFI) strategy

TAFI is a unique approach to fixed income investing that aims to provide an optimal after-tax yield and after-tax return for high-net-worth clients.

Often, individuals paying the highest marginal tax rate tend to blindly employ a portfolio of municipal bonds to reduce taxes. The optimal solution is one in which risk and reward are viewed on an after-tax, risk-adjusted basis and inclusive of all available fixed income sectors and security types. Furthermore, the strategy can be enhanced by selective tax-loss harvesting.   

Our topline discussion covers traditional fixed income investment strategies, the seasons of fixed income, and how our individually tailored approach bucks the trend of scalable options for investors while taking advantage of market ebbs and flows.

Pioneering the TAFI strategy is Gunster, who most recently served as Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Management for Bank of America’s Chief Investment Office, where his team oversaw $60 billion in assets.

Reach out to your relationship team with any questions you may have about this exciting new approach to fixed income investing.

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